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Geometry Tutors Near You in Great Neck, NY

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Why Choose KidPass Tutors for Geometry

Math is one of the most fundamental school subjects to master and lays the foundation for learning future concepts. We have expert Geometry tutors that can help your child master key concepts and excel in class. Tutors on our platform are certified teachers who understand scope and sequence, as well as how to engage and motivate students.

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Using our custom-matching process, KidPass Tutors finds the perfect tutor for your child’s needs and schedule. We choose only the most qualified and passionate educators through rigorous certifications screening, background checks, and interviews. Plus, you still get final approval on the tutor match!


Math, reading, science
K-12 teacher with 10+ years of teaching experience and a Masters in Elementary Education


Math, reading, Spanish
Elementary school teacher with 5+ years of experience, including online learning


Reading, math, French, test prep
K-12 teacher and education researcher with a Master’s degree from Columbia


English, reading, phonics
K-5 teacher with 20+ years of experience, including pre-K and homeschooling


Math, reading, physics
K-12 teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from a top university


Reading, English, math
Pre-K to 8th grade teacher with 5+ years of experience and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction

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