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Parents love KidPass Tutors because we consistently help learners achieve their goal, whether that's catching up in a subject or staying ahead of the curve. Parents are especially blown away by tutors on our platform. As certified teachers that care deeply, tutors on our platform help students achieve learnings, build confidence, and discover the joy of learning.

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5 star rating
“Before starting my KidPass Tutors package, I was helping my daughter with her homework every day. Now, not only is she having an easier time completing her homework (and getting better grades!), but she’s also becoming a better reader!”
Parent to 10-year-old
5 star rating
“My daughter is 4 years old and we wanted to prepare her for starting kindergarten in the fall. After a couple of months with KidPass Tutors, she is already comfortable with a lot of reading and counting skills, which is a massive source of help and comfort for us as parents.”
Parent to 4-year-old
5 star rating
“Due to the pandemic, my son fell behind in every subject. With KidPass Tutors, the immediate change has been a boost in his confidence. We’ve heard from his teacher that he’s participating more in class and answering questions previously outside his comfort zone!”
Parent to 6-year-old
5 star rating
“After two months of KidPass Tutors, my son was able to read beginner books. I was shocked! It made him feel like a “big kid” and—most importantly—he is very proud of himself.”
Parent to 6-year-old
5 star rating
“KidPass Tutors is the best. My daughter and I used to fight all through homework time, but now she is keeping pace with her curriculum without me. Thanks, KidPass Tutors!”
Parent to 12-year-old
5 star rating
“My son was struggling to meet basic standards in math on his first report card and needed extra help with reading comprehension. With KidPass Tutors, he’s tangibly improved and is now meeting his standards!”
Parent to 7-year-old

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